About Us


Robert and I both come from a long line of farmers, and so – having grown up with cows and farming life in general – perhaps it is no surprise that we are so committed to what we do.

There is no greater thrill than watching a new born calf stagger to its feet and reach for that first drink from its Mum; or to see a field of barley swaying in the breeze like the waves of a golden ocean; or to hear a woodpecker hard at work in a tree in the early morning, before the bustle of the day begins; or glimpse a fox darting round the perimeter of a field below the farm.

We are privileged to be custodians of the countryside, and so lucky to be living in this beautiful part of Fife – where the sea meets the land, and produce from both offers a rich and diverse ‘food culture’.

Our cheese offers a taste of this land and these traditions, of which we are so proud.